vendredi 7 février 2014

Swiss Meringue

  Sometimes a good recipe can end quite different from what you would expect. With one of our friends (C), we decided to prepare some chocolate éclair. However, we never managed to make the pate a chou properly. They were not good and stayed as flat as when we put them in the oven.
Instead of losing all the eggs white I decided to try the meringue. The ingredients are sugar and eggs white, easy enough. We don’t (yet!) have an electric whisk so all by hand. I found a variant of the universal meringue. The Swiss one. You have to beat the eggs in a bain-marie.

  • ·         4 egg whites
  • ·         250 g of white sugar

Pre-heat the oven to 130°C or 250°F (th 4).
Create your bain-marie by heating a pan full of water (50°C) and put a mixing bowl over it. Start by whipping the egg-whites to a light mousse. Then incorporate the sugar little by little (1 or 2 table spoon each time) wait 5 seconds and reincorporate sugar. Remove from the warm water and beat for 5 more minutes. 

Don’t over beat it.
Stop when the mousse is strong and shiny.
Dress a baking sheet for the oven.

Create small piles of meringues by using a pastry bag or two large spoons.
Put in the oven for 1h. It as to be crispy on the outside with a little yellow colour and soft and sticky inside.

You can eat after 30 minutes or keep in a box for maximum two weeks.


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