dimanche 19 janvier 2014

Shiitake Omelette

So, when we came back from Christmas we had little left in our fridge. Thankfully we received our fruits and vegetables the same day but still needed to come up with something nourishing and tasty.

Every Grain of Rice gave us a recipe we slightly transformed… ahem, instead of oysters we put shiitake mushrooms. It’s a very simple recipe but full of flavours and slightly less bland and usual than your average omelette:

Serves 2


8 shiitake mushrooms

3 eggs

1.5 tbsp of corn or potato flour mixed with 1 tsp of cold water

Ground white pepper
tbsp cooking oil
tbsp finely sliced spring onion greens (we added whites in as well)

Beat the eggs, then beat in the flour mixture with salt and white pepper to taste.

Put the mushrooms in a pan with a little bit of oil and cook until tender.
Pour in the eggs and swirl the mixture around the base of the wok.


Scrambled egg version:

Add the spring onions whites and mix the eggs as they cook. When cooked to taste transfer into a dish and serve.


Omelette version:

If you want to do a real omelette, let the eggs settle when you pour them into the pan. When the omelette is golden underneath, scatter over the spring onion greens, then flip to cook the other side. When this side, too is golden, transfer to adish and serve.


Sprinkle with onion greens and enjoy!

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